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One of the most rewarding parts of being a defense attorney is helping those with convictions achieve an Expungement, effectively making a case non-public and avoiding the need to disclose the conviction on a job application. This can mean the difference between getting that promotion or moving to a more lucrative job. I have helped dozens of individuals achieve their goals through expungement.

Expungement Eligibility:

Felony – no more than one felony conviction and two misdemeanor convictions (felony can be expunged)

Misdemeanor – up to two misdemeanors may be expunged

Sex Offender Registration Removal:

The State of Michigan has implemented several changes in Sex Offender Registration in recent years, including expanding opportunities for removal. This is on a case-by-case basis and requires the knowledge of an experienced Sex Crimes attorney. I will take the time to meet with you, review your Registration requirements, and determine your eligibility for removal.

Criminal Background Expungement Review

“I met and hired Sam Bennett to represent me for a criminal background expungement. Mr. Bennett got the expungement approved and I no longer have a criminal background. Mr. Bennett was honest in his responses when I had a question and did not just “Blow Smoke”. When I had a question he answered quickly and professionally. Mr. Bennett told me upfront what was required (paper work/forms and of myself) and gave me the option to get the required paperwork myself or allow him or his staff to retrieve it. When I chose to get the required information myself Mr. Bennett explained to me where to go, what information I needed, and who to see to accomplish what needed to be done. If someone is in need of a good representative that is informed and well educated in the field of United States Law and Procedure I highly recommend Mr. Samuel Bennett. I hope this review is helpful to those who find themselves having to navigate through the hoops of our justice system.”

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