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Being charged with a federal criminal offense is extremely stressful because the penalties associated with a federal crime are more severe & the cases are far more complex than a state felony case. This is why it’s vital to hire an attorney with experience with these types of complicated cases.

We have a track record of representing people for serious federal crimes in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Our team at The Bennett Law Firm is ready to be your Federal criminal defense attorney.  As your legal counsel, we know how important knowing what may or may not happen in your case. We set up a plan so there are no surprises, and we’re by your side from the start to finish. Contact us for a free consultation at (248) 281-6991.

“Sam is smart and compassionate. Even though the circumstances of what I was dealing with were somewhat unusual and the matter was embarrassing for me, he was never condescending. He achieved a just resolution that addressed my concerns effectively and offered good advice throughout the proceedings. I felt that he was looking out for my best interests at every stage. I would recommend him to family and friends without hesitation.”

We defend clients in all types of federal cases, including:

If you have been charged with a federal criminal offense, contact us immediately for a free 1-hour consultation.

Federal Case Examples

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Federal criminal charges can turn your world upside down, and if you are convicted of a federal crime outlined on this page, your future would be greatly impacted.  We will help you understand the charges you are facing and will work with you to build the most effective defense in your case.  We are here to help you.  Call us at (248) 281-6991 to receive your no-obligation consultation.

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