Metro Detroit Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Metro Detroit Juvenile Crimes Attorney

When a child is charged with a crime, regardless of severity, it turns their family’s whole world upside down. The thought of Court is terrifying for anyone but children are in an especially vulnerable position thinking about Court.

From the moment we first talk on the phone, I will explain the process and make sure that you understand what your child’s case will look like moving forward. The scariest part of this process is not knowing what is next. With a plan in place, you and your child will feel much more comfortable making the first Court appearance.

Whether your child is charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Possession of Drugs, or a more serious felony case, I will make it a priority that you feel comfortable not only with me but with the process that lies ahead. We will discuss a plan on how to avoid potential issues in the future so that your child doesn’t have to report criminal activity on job and college applications.

My goal in every juvenile case is to work toward preventing a criminal record.

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“Sam is an Awesome Lawyer!

We found Sam when we needed representation for our teen son. In our first meeting Sam’s compassion was very apparent. He was able to calm us. He explained in great detail what we were up against and answered all of our questions with patience. In the end he was successful and the outcome of our case was better than we had hoped. Sam is a great person and I believe he sincerely cares about his clients. This coupled with his excellent grasp of the law, he is the best. My son is so appreciative and really liked Sam. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone who may need legal representation.”

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