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When a child is charged with a crime, regardless of severity, it turns their family’s whole world upside down. The thought of going through the judicial system is terrifying for anyone, but children are in an especially vulnerable position when having to appear in Court.

From the moment we first talk on the phone, our team will explain the process and will make sure you understand what your child’s case will look like moving forward. The scariest part of this process is not knowing what is next. With a plan in place, you and your child will feel much more comfortable making the first Court appearance.

Under Michigan law, any youth under the age of 17 is classified as a juvenile.  However, in some cases prosecutors will try to have a child tried as an adult At The Bennett Law Firm, PLC we want to hear your child’s story since we believe they are innocent until proven guilty.

Whether your child is charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Possession of Drugs, a Sex Crime, or other felony cases, we will make it a priority that you feel comfortable with our criminal defense team and with the process that lies ahead. We will set up a plan that will help guide you and your family through the process, and whether an option to avoid a criminal record is possible. The goal is to prevent a permanent record so that your child doesn’t have to report criminal activity on job and college applications.  Call The Bennett Law Firm, PLC today for a free review of your child’s case at 248-281-6991.

Juvenile Consent Calendar

Once a juvenile is charged with an offense, a judge determines how the case proceeds.  Sometimes the case is sent to a “consent calendar” which allows the young person to participate in a correctional plan instead of moving forward with formal charges.  Certain terms must be fulfilled by the youth over a set period of time.  Once the program is completed, the charge will be removed from his or her record.  While serving as your child’s criminal defense team we will review the consent calendar with you and will help you understand its benefits, and more importantly, we’ll discuss whether this avenue is an option.  We will also present the best case possible to encourage a judge and prosecutor to provide this option for your child.

If the judge decides to have the case placed on the formal calendar your child will move forward through the traditional justice system.  Call The Bennett Law Firm, PLC right away to start defending your child and protecting their future.

Juvenile Drug Offenses

Metro Detroit Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Drug charges come with serious penalties for young people.  These can vary from simple possession to the manufacturing or trafficking of a drug.  The penalties if convicted vary depending on the circumstances of your child’s case.

Michigan offers alternative rehabilitation programs depending on the case and as your child’s criminal defense team, we will fight for an alternative sentence.   These alternatives are very important because if a young person is found with a substantial amount of certain Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 substance they could potentially face time in a Juvenile Detention Facility.  Contact The Bennett Law Firm, PLC for a review of your case.

Shoplifting by a Juvenile

Shoplifting or retail fraud charges are brought against someone for stealing goods from a retail store or misrepresenting the price of merchandise at the register. There are different penalties depending on the value of the goods involved in the case.  Penalties can vary from the paying of fines to spending time in juvenile detention. Our criminal defense team has experience handling shoplifting cases and is prepared to help your child through their case.

Juvenile Sex Offenses

Anyone facing a sex offense charge in Michigan could face serious punishment if convicted including a young person.  Sometimes consensual sexual acts may result in a formal criminal charge.  Michigan law states that a person must be 16 years of age to consent to sexual activity.  Even if a youth is under the age of 18 when the incident takes place, he or she could be charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct.  In particular, when the alleged victim in the case is under the age of 13, Juvenile Criminal Sexual Conduct charges may be filed.  A young person who is being charged with a sexual offense needs an experienced Metro Detroit criminal defense team.  Contact The Bennett Law Firm, PLC now to defend your child against juvenile sex charges.

Juvenile Assault Crimes

A young person will face assault charges if he or she is accused of physical violence against another person.  If your child is being investigated for an assault related crime, you need to contact an experienced Metro Detroit criminal defense team to handle the case.

Expert Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Metro Detroit

We understand how scary it can be when your child is facing a juvenile crime charge.  Our criminal defense team will stand up for your child’s rights and will build the best defense possible in their case, all while making sure you and your family are well-informed throughout the process.  The Bennett Law Firm, PLC will strive to reach the best results to protect your child’s future.  Call us today for a no obligation case review at 248-281-6991.

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