Being Charged with a Detroit Sex Crime Can Be Overwhelming.

Don’t Go Through it Alone

When you are facing allegations of sexual abuse against a child, it is difficult to know where to turn and who to trust. I have represented countless individuals who have been accused of sex crimes against children across the State of Michigan. It is a major focus of my law firm.

“….The moment I spoke to Sam on the phone he was calm and I was hysterical because 2 detectives came to my home with the accusation that I had touched a woman without her consent. Yes, the law calls that CSC and with my record, it was very bad for me. So yes I was freaking out and the worst part is I could hardly remember the girl/date. Sam right away told me to come in the next day and in our first meeting he made me feel calm and reassured. He knew what he was doing. Much better than the first lawyer I retained who in first time speaking with him he wanted to automatically plea me down to a lesser charge and actually told me ” it’s not like you have a great record” Sam looked past my record and looked at me. Sam is very knowledgeable in his field. Sam goes above and beyond a lawyer/client relationship. He makes you feel like a good friend even like family. He is compassionate, caring and leads you in the best direction. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. It’s free to have a consultation. Even though it took several months of work, Sam got me cleared of all charges… yes, Case Closed! He gave me a hope I never had in the legal system. Samuel Bennett is the way to go for the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer.”

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Why Hire The Bennett Law Firm, PLC?

Over 100+ – 5 Star Reviews

There is no greater compliment to me and my practice than a 5-star review from a previous client. Due to the growth of the digital age, it’s hard to know who is the “Real Deal” and who doesn’t have your best interest in mind. This is why I take such pride in my reviews. These are reviews from real people with real problems. People that I’ve helped get past a very scary time in their life. Whether it’s a DUI, Assault Crime Charges, Sex Crime Charges, I’ve helped them all get the best result possible.

“After getting multiple drug charges in one arrest I wasn’t sure who to hire to represent me. When I was recommended Sam by a close family friend I went to a consultation and I immediately felt better about my situation and knew after 5 minutes he was the guy I needed to hire. He was there for me every step of the way and answered any questions truthfully. Sam went to great lengths and brought up different ways to help that turned to be very beneficial come sentencing. He represented me in a way that made me feel like he was rooting for my second chance and was willing to fight and get me that chance. I truly believe I never would have had the same outcome had I went with anyone else and I forever thank Sam Bennett. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.”

Our Full Attention

“Your case will have my full focus. I have helped many people through the most difficult time in their life, and I pride myself on being there for my clients. I’m a defense attorney 24/7 and I love what I do. I am here to help!”

Proven Results

Many people ask, “what’s the worst-case scenario?” At the Bennett Law Firm, we don’t deal with worst-case. Our results speak for themselves.

DUI: High BAC with accident resolved without driver’s license sanctions and minimal probation in Wayne County

Sex Crime: Life offense Criminal Sexual Conduct charge dismissed after successful early intervention in Oakland County

Drug: Multiple 30-year felony delivery charges resolved with just 6 months in Wayne County Jail.

If you are scared and feel like you have nowhere to turn, please give us a call. We offer a free consultation with no strings attached. Let us ease your mind and help you through this troubling time.

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“Do I Even Need Lawyer?”

You may think that your charge is minor or that your case is “open and shut” so you shouldn’t waste your money on an attorney. This is rarely the case and the last thing you want is one bad decision affecting the rest of your life. We have been before every judge in the area and have earned their respect through our hard work and passion for our clients. We will work quickly, and passionately on your behalf to get the best result possible.

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